Why massage?

I have many people ask me why get a massage. That's a great question. Why spend the money? A lot will depend on what you want from a massage. At AO Wellness, massage is done with a purpose. The purpose can be simply relaxation. You've had a difficult time with "something" and you need to take an hour out for you to forget.

There are times when you've been in a car accident. Anytime someone is in a car accident they can use a massage. The sudden jerking or movement can play havoc with the muscles. Whiplash, when the head moves in different directions suddenly with a lot of force the soft tissue might be strained. This can and often does cause some pain. A Therapeutic Massage therapist can help with this issue.

Massage has many benefits from relaxing to reducing the stress in your life. It can help with lowering your blood pressure, improving circulation, and help to improve your posture. Did you know that for every inch your head is forward of your shoulders you add weight to your head putting extra strain on your neck and back?

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