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Therapeutic Massage is a massage that helps to relieve pain, reduce stress, or focus on a specific problem, such as lower back pain. (30, 60, 90, or 120 mins)

Deep Tissue Massage is similar to Swedish but with a deeper pressure to benefit chronic muscle issues. (60 or 90 min) 

Barefoot Massage is simply the act of using feet as tools to professionally massage the body.  (30, 60, 90 or 120 min) 

Symphony of the Cells (SOC) is a holistic approach to wellness encompassing a variety of tailored essential oil applications that target different body systems.


Prenatal Massage nurturing full body massage designed for the expectant mother. The treatment is offered only during the second and third trimesters, following a physician's consent unless a current client. (60 min)

Hot Stone Massage is the placement of heated stones to promote deeper muscle relaxation. (60 min *upper body only, 90 min or 120 min) 

MyoSkeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT) is a specific technique using stretching and massage to alleviate pain. (30, 60, 90 min)

Craniosacral Therapy, developed by Dr. John Upledger, is a gentle hands-on therapy that helps your body release restrictions and blockages that interrupt its ability to repair and balance itself and maintain healthy function.  

People of all kinds.

Animals: Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, and Goats

All animals must be leashed or crated to come into the facility.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) is said to allow the body to achieve a natural state of wellness.  Research about PEMF has been ongoing since the 1940s.  Scientists have published thousands of studies, clinical trials, and research articles on the topic.  Using PEMF is said to stimulate cell metabolism, increase oxygenation, and reduce inflammation. This action can cause a chain of processes in the body that could improve health without adverse side effects.

Cupping Therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine where special cups are placed on the skin for a few minutes to create suction.  Helps with pain, inflammation, and blood flow with many additional benefits. 

Kinesio Taping is an application of Kinesio tape, which is applied in a muscular or lymphatic pattern intended to correct the body's biomechanics and reduce pain, swelling, or tension. 

Roller Table stretches the muscles in the back, allowing for the muscles to relax.

Yoga Classes, we have several different types of yoga for you to try.  When practiced correctly, there is a focus on breathing; yoga can increase flexibility, muscle definition, endurance, and mental clarity. (60 min)

Chair Yoga, making this your own.  This class is practiced in a chair, with NO floor work.  We stretch the body, we practice breathing techniques, and use weights for strength training.  Once you start with this class, you will make friends that will become family.  (60 min)  This is a free class for the community.


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